Class Schedule & Description

Our classes described below provide each child with motor skills and a passion for dance. All classes participate in recital  EXCEPT twinkling two’s.   Need help? Any questions on what classes you should sign up for please click the need assistance button below! 
Twinkling Two’s – 45 minutes
In our twos class, we focus on using play as a way of learning. We work on gross motor skills, listening, and following directions. Repetition is a way we learn by keeping the structure of the class similar each week. Not only are we learning big movement but we also learn how to interact with other children, as well as, independence. We use many props to learn and grow our dance and motor skills.
Shining three’s – 45 minutes
Our three’s class still focus’ on gross motor skills, listening, following directions, how to interact with other children and repetition like the two’s class. However we also bring in basic ballet movements, work on learning full dances, taking turns, and still learning through play and props
 Rising Stars 1 – Ballet/Tap COmbo – 1 hour (30 minutes each class)
Our Rising Stars is a level 1 for ages 4-5 that learns both ballet and tap. This level is for children who have never danced before or who have done a creative movement or preballet class prior. They will learn the basic ballet and tap technique to help them begin to build their future dance journey. Through dance, song, and movement the children will work on gross motor skills, continue to grow to bigger movement, and classroom etiquette. This age still has a focus on repetition as well as using music, props, and educational play to learn and grow.
RIsing stars 2 – Ballet/Tap Combo – 1 hour (30 minutes each class)
Our Rising Stars 2 is a level 2 for ages 5-6 that learns ballet and tap class has already had at least 1 year of ballet and tap training prior to this class. This class focuses on moving faster in their tap moves as well as adding new steps to challenge each child. In ballet they will build their dance skills and begin to add movements together weekly. This level will also use props and music and movement songs to build listening and motor skills.
shooting stars 1 – Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo – 1.5 hours (30 minutes each class)
Our Shooting Stars level 1 is for children 6-8 years old who have never danced or danced when they were younger. This level learns ballet, tap, and jazz weekly. They learn correct dance terms and technique for each dance style they are learning. They move through steps at a faster pace than the younger level 1 class. We use repetition to learn movements and dance combinations throughout the year.
shooting stars 2 – Ballet/Tap/Jazz combo – 1.5 HOURS (30 MINUTES EACH CLASS)
Our Shooting Stars level 2 is for children 6-8 years old who have had at least 2 years of ballet and tap. This level learns ballet, tap and jazz. We continue to build on ballet and tap technique and work on learning new steps to build our foundation in each style of dance.
shooting stars 3- (45 min ballet, 30 min tap, 30 min jazz)
Our Shooting Stars level 3 is for children 7-9 years old who have had at least 3 years of ballet, 3 years of tap, and 1 year of jazz. This level focus’ on learning and mastering technique in all 3 dance styles. We take what we have learned and continue to build upon it and work on mastering those skills. We work on building strength in our muscles and begin to understand what muscles we are using for specific skills.
Little Boppers-45 minutes
Our Little Boppers Hip Hop class is for 5-7  year olds who love to bust a move wherever they are at. They will learn basic hip hop moves and put it all together to make combinations each week. This class mixes the fun of dancing to upbeat music with the lessons on musicality, technique, and coordination.
Acrobatics – 45 minutes
 Acrobatics is based on age not level and does tumbling only on mats. This class focuses on the level specific for each child in the class. They will learn contortion and power tricks as well as focus on the technique for each skill.
Adult Classes- 45 minutes
Our Adult classes are for anyone 18 or older looking to either start dancing or jump back into it. This is for adults wanting to get their body moving and learn some new steps at the same time. We offer Adult Tap and Jazz for Beginners/Intermediates.
Intermediate Level – 1 Hour each class
 Our Intermediate classes are for students who are ready to jump into a more serious role of dancing. These classes will have a focus on technique and build on what they have already learned. We offer: Ballet*, Tap*, Jazz*, Acrobatics/Conditioning *Prerequisites: Ballet-at least 4 years Tap- at least 4 years Jazz- at least 3 years

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